Month: January 2019

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The guitar is a very versatile instrument that cannot be mastered so easily, which is why people could spend years trying to sound on their guitars like the professionals they admire. The truth be told, this instrument has tricks that could help you to improve your learning curve.

Some guitar masters have decided to share their secrets to make your guitar practice much more interesting and rewarding enhancing your abilities and musicality beyond your imagination.

Swell The Volume

The first recommendation there is a technique called “to swell the volume”, a term that is related to the fact of making or simulating ‘waves’ with sound so it could create a different ambiance and change the features of your music.

Pick Slide

As second we have for you the ‘Pick slide’ a technique mostly use in rock punk or metal, which consist on holding the edge of a pick and then move it across the string by scraping down and up of the note you are looking to reproduce, it will actually cause an interesting distortion that will make your guitar sound epically.

Know Your Guitar Like The Back Of Your Hand

Third, sometimes even guitar players forget they have whole control of the guitar and the fact that the guitar more than just strings.

One of the reasons why guitar professionals are so impressive is because they are willing to experiment with all the elements of the instrument to create amazing effects in their music, for example using the tone knob, which causes a distortion in the sound that the guitar produces, making it buzz incredibly!

To sum up, what ‘Pros’ actually recommend is that you won’t be straight, don’t forget that you are free to experiment with any kind of sound you may think of to improve a song, that way it could be possible for you to create styles never heard before.

So keep practicing and experimenting and be prepared to be surprised by the results of the amazing tricks taken right from guitar pros.    

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