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The guitar is a very versatile instrument that cannot be mastered so easily, which is why people could spend years trying to sound on their guitars like the professionals they admire. The truth be told, this instrument has tricks that could help you to improve your learning curve.

Some guitar masters have decided to share their secrets to make your guitar practice much more interesting and rewarding enhancing your abilities and musicality beyond your imagination.

Swell The Volume

The first recommendation there is a technique called “to swell the volume”, a term that is related to the fact of making or simulating ‘waves’ with sound so it could create a different ambiance and change the features of your music.

Pick Slide

As second we have for you the ‘Pick slide’ a technique mostly use in rock punk or metal, which consist on holding the edge of a pick and then move it across the string by scraping down and up of the note you are looking to reproduce, it will actually cause an interesting distortion that will make your guitar sound epically.

Know Your Guitar Like The Back Of Your Hand

Third, sometimes even guitar players forget they have whole control of the guitar and the fact that the guitar more than just strings.

One of the reasons why guitar professionals are so impressive is because they are willing to experiment with all the elements of the instrument to create amazing effects in their music, for example using the tone knob, which causes a distortion in the sound that the guitar produces, making it buzz incredibly!

To sum up, what ‘Pros’ actually recommend is that you won’t be straight, don’t forget that you are free to experiment with any kind of sound you may think of to improve a song, that way it could be possible for you to create styles never heard before.

So keep practicing and experimenting and be prepared to be surprised by the results of the amazing tricks taken right from guitar pros.    

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guitar 1928322 1920 840x385 - One Main Guitar vs Multiple Guitars - What's Honestly Better?

susan mohr 572893 unsplash 300x194 - One Main Guitar vs Multiple Guitars - What's Honestly Better?

I have wondered why there are guitarists who have many guitars on stage. Sometimes is to keep a guitar tuned to give different nuances in different songs, or perhaps different tonalities to the guitars for a specific sound, sometimes the guitars are so peculiar that they are a challenge to play and the guitarist show their skill by playing them.

I really do not know all the possible reasons, but it seems to me that it is up to every guitarist’s preference the number of guitars they have, as long as they have the talent to express how great music is and knows how to make the audience feel the same, and they can do that either having just the one guitar or keeping one for every song they perform.

Expert In Only One Thing?

The guitarists that keep a signature guitar get to know every nuance of them, improving every year and knowing how to elicit the best and most powerful sounds to the delight of their fans.

Usually, those guitars become as revered as the guitarists themselves, and when the person dies the guitar usually becomes some sort of sacred object that can be only admired since its master is no longer alive.

Keep Them All

In the case of those who keep a vast amount of them I have asked what do they do with those old guitars once they no longer use them.

Many professionals have told me they just enjoy watching them and remembering the feeling of playing them for a while, remembering a special hit or one that won them an important prize or even a particular anecdote, they treasure them while moving on to a new one.

But there are also people who only keep guitars for the sake of having them and do not do anything with them when they have the chance to do much more.

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Give Them To Charity

For instance, there’s a foundation called Little Kids Rock, responsible for helping low-income children with a passion for music by providing them with a guitar either donated by a person or bought with monetary donations.

I only imagine the excitement of the children when they learn to play guitar and not only that but also that they acquire discipline so their grades improve and give them one more reason to live. I’m also very sure that they do not ask for another guitar.

The professionals who have taken the time to share with this foundation have begun the task of reducing their arsenal of instruments to donate them since they have realized that there are many people who can’t afford one to give them the right use instead of gathering dust somewhere.

guitar 3957586 1920 840x385 - 5 Things to Know Before Your First Guitar Lesson

Everybody has always wanted to learn how to play an instrument and the guitar has been one of the most popular choices people usually make. This cord instrument produces interesting sounds that go from romantic to hard rock styles.

It could be said that this instrument can even cover almost all music genres existing in our world nowadays. Today we bring you some tips to have a better overview of it and be prepared for your first guitar class.

Jump Right In

Most people believe that playing an instrument is such a difficult task that they let this fear become bigger than their willingness of fulfilling their dream, and they stay afraid and never learn or never try.

You can take the first steps just by signing up for classes and procuring a guitar, this alone will make you feel a commitment to keep going.

Eyes On The Prize

We recommend to clarify with your teacher what is going to be the main goal of taking the lessons, it means what are your own expectation or how further want you to go with the lessons ideally from the beginning of the classes otherwise you are going to start with no purpose and eventually feel that you are going nowhere.

It is also important for you to know how much time you could dedicate to the practice because it is crucial to know whether you could fulfill your goals properly.

Your Preferences Matter

It is necessary that you consider that there are several kinds of guitar style. There are actually four: classic, electric, jazz, and acoustic. It is crucial for you to know what style goes the best for you, which will make you stay interested in learning and your studies fruitful.

Get A Guitar

Obviously, the advice is that you get your own guitar for your lessons so you can keep practicing out of classes, there are new and used guitars on various prices so you can pick the one that fits your budget.

If you don’t have one you need to ask if the place you are going to learn guitar loans them to students. If not you can also look to rent a guitar to start your classes as soon as possible.

Keep At It

As one of the most crucial recommendation, you have the scheduling. To determine when you’re going to have your lessons could actually also determine how fast you are going to achieve your goals.

It is also recommended that you establish not only a schedule for your lessons but also for your practices because that is what will help you to have an overview of the rhythm you are going to learn. The most important is that you stay regular and persistent in the program you decide to take.

Finally, we ask you not to be afraid if you may think so many things are necessary when learning how to play the guitar because the best of all that you don’t need to know anything before you start!