One Main Guitar vs Multiple Guitars – What’s Honestly Better?

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I have wondered why there are guitarists who have many guitars on stage. Sometimes is to keep a guitar tuned to give different nuances in different songs, or perhaps different tonalities to the guitars for a specific sound, sometimes the guitars are so peculiar that they are a challenge to play and the guitarist show their skill by playing them.

I really do not know all the possible reasons, but it seems to me that it is up to every guitarist’s preference the number of guitars they have, as long as they have the talent to express how great music is and knows how to make the audience feel the same, and they can do that either having just the one guitar or keeping one for every song they perform.

Expert In Only One Thing?

The guitarists that keep a signature guitar get to know every nuance of them, improving every year and knowing how to elicit the best and most powerful sounds to the delight of their fans.

Usually, those guitars become as revered as the guitarists themselves, and when the person dies the guitar usually becomes some sort of sacred object that can be only admired since its master is no longer alive.

Keep Them All

In the case of those who keep a vast amount of them I have asked what do they do with those old guitars once they no longer use them.

Many professionals have told me they just enjoy watching them and remembering the feeling of playing them for a while, remembering a special hit or one that won them an important prize or even a particular anecdote, they treasure them while moving on to a new one.

But there are also people who only keep guitars for the sake of having them and do not do anything with them when they have the chance to do much more.

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Give Them To Charity

For instance, there’s a foundation called Little Kids Rock, responsible for helping low-income children with a passion for music by providing them with a guitar either donated by a person or bought with monetary donations.

I only imagine the excitement of the children when they learn to play guitar and not only that but also that they acquire discipline so their grades improve and give them one more reason to live. I’m also very sure that they do not ask for another guitar.

The professionals who have taken the time to share with this foundation have begun the task of reducing their arsenal of instruments to donate them since they have realized that there are many people who can’t afford one to give them the right use instead of gathering dust somewhere.

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