Who We Are

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We are a company created more than 15 years ago, so we have experience in what we do, which in this case is to teach people to play any instrument they want regardless of their age, so if you are an older person and you always wanted to learn to play an instrument but you could not and now they do not accept you anywhere, our company is your place.

We have incredible facilities in Atlanta, Georgia, which has incredible rooms perfectly equipped to teach the class that is necessary at that time, all this done by our teacher in person. We also have this site on the web where you can find all the information and in some occasions take some classes online in case you can not attend the classroom, being very useful the web.

Our staff is perfectly prepared to teach the most general instruments that may exist and we also have exclusive personnel prepared for specific instruments that need a special dedication. Our people have a very good pedagogic preparation which allows them to give classes to people of any age.

We always look for the best for our students so before entering our school we do a small interview to find out which instrument you want to learn and if that instrument is suitable for him or her.

We are a company that has been growing over the years and we have created a very good image in the market of music schools, being ours one of the best in Atlanta without a doubt.

Many families have had generations enrolled in our school because they have verified for themselves that the quality of our school is very good and that is why they decide to place their children or grandchildren at an early age to study music and instruments and to develop his musical ear

Our biggest characteristic is that we do not reject anyone because of their age, something that other music schools do and it is not correct because there are many older people who want to learn to play an instrument at that age.